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Forming a Krewe

Asheville Mardi Gras KrewesIf you are interested in participating in any Mardi Gras event, consider forming a Krewe. A Krewe can be comprised any way you choose, from the traditional secret or benevolent society,  a business organization, a school group, or just a circle of friends that wants to have a good time. Asheville Mardi Gras has welcomed a variety of Krewes from the Kids Zoo Krewe to dance troupes to businesses. All are welcome. TIPS ON FORMING A KREWE

If you would like to establish a Krewe, here are a few things to consider:

Purpose of the Krewe – Are you interested in just participating in the parade, or are you looking for a year round group that might raise money for charity?

Members – How will you select members from your Krewe?

Secret or Not – Do you wish for people to know who is in your Krewe?

Name your Krewe – Think of how you wish your Krewe to be perceived.

Place in the Parade – Do you plan to have a float, ride motorcycles, bikes, or other vehicles? Will you have musicians or dancers in your Krewe?

Theme –  Will your Krewe have a theme distinguishing you from other Krewes? Will your Krewe carry a banner identifying your Krewe?

Krewe Captain – What are the roles and responsibilities? Who will coordinate with Asheville Mardi Gras to insure that your Krewe is up on the latest info and to sign-up for the parade?



There is a lot to think about, if you have more questions or need help, simply email Michael Parker at, or use our contact form. If you wish to march in the parade, please complete and return the waiver provided prior to the parade. Krewes in the Parade Generally, we ask that Krewes have a captain to coordinate information with Asheville Mardi Gras. The captain is responsible for completing the waiver for the Krewe. Each Krewe should have a banner or other way to organize themselves in the parade to ensure that your Krewe stays together. Krewes are also responsible for providing their own throws. Throws Typically throws are plastic beaded necklaces or plastic or aluminum coins, but Krewes are encouraged to use their creativity and distinguish themselves from other krewes by including collectibles, wrapped candy, balloons or other options. The parade route always includes lots of children so please take this into account when selecting throws and throwing items into the crowd. Krewe Events Krewes are encouraged to hold events to support fundraising for the Krewe, charities and support Asheville Mardi Gras’ acquisition of parade permits, police support, and other fundraising events. Some ideas for events are sales of Krewe memorabilia, Krewe picnics or house parties, Krewe socials and raffles, Krewe initiation parites and events. Also consider Kross Krewe Events or challenges such as a softball game, dance party or cookoff.    

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Past Krewe Events include: Queens Ball Running of the Winos Zabumba! Kidz Zoo Krewe Blue Ridge Roller Girls Wicked Geishas Royal Charade (vehicle) Court of the Red Plume Her Royal Highness the Queen Mum (vehicle) Oo La La’s Bawdy Bridesmaids Their Majesties, the King and Queen (float) Gypsy Bar Krewe (Royal Cake bar) Krewe of Bastet Grand Krewe (float) Samba dancers Krewe After Dark Krewe of Barkus (dogs) Pipapelli’s Bagtime Heart of Dixie Razz Band Asheville Downtown Association Events Krewe Carpenter’s Krewe and media (float): Nef Des Fous Occupy the Wedding Theater Krewe Henry Westmoreland’s Second Line