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Mardi Gras Krewe Pre-Application 2017

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If you are interested in participating in any Mardi Gras event, consider forming a Krewe. A Krewe can be comprised any way you choose, from the traditional secret or benevolent society, a business organization, a school group, or just a circle of friends that wants to have a good time. Asheville Mardi Gras has welcomed a variety of Krewes from the Kids Zoo Krewe to dance troupes to businesses.


If you would like to establish a Krewe, here are a few things to consider:

Purpose of the Krewe – Are you interested in just participating in the parade, or are you looking for a year round group that might raise money for charity?

Members – How will you select members from your Krewe?

Secret or Not – Do you wish for people to know who is in your Krewe?

Name your Krewe – Think of how you wish your Krewe to be perceived.

Place in the Parade – Do you plan to have a float, ride motorcycles, bikes, or other vehicles? Will you have musicians or dancers in your Krewe?

Theme – Will your Krewe have a theme distinguishing you from other Krewes? Will your Krewe carry a banner identifying your Krewe?

Krewe Captain – What are the roles and responsibilities? Who will coordinate with Asheville Mardi Gras to insure that your Krewe is up on the latest info and to sign-up for the parade?