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Believed to have come from the mid-1800s from the Mistick Krewe of Comus – the oldest continuous New Orleans Mardis Gras festivity organization – the word “krewe” simply refers to a group of people who march together in the parade.

In Asheville, some krewes are open to new members, while others guard their membership like the best secret societies. Krewe information can be found below, including which are open and accepting new members. If a group is accepting new members, click on the contact name and send along a note to find out if you can join them for the fun. Otherwise, feel free to start your own krewe!

Krewes are welcome to have a float and/or a sound system, although neither are necessary. You can theme your costumes or go free form! You can throw beads or other giveaways (candy is discouraged) or skip it. Basically, keep it fun and respectful and you’ll do just fine!

Kids are also welcome to march in the parade. Just keep in mind that the environment can be quite intense, so just be sure that will work out OK.

We’ll be back in touch closer to parade time to let you know your position in the parade. That’s all it takes!


Sign Up Here

There are no minimum number of people required to form a krewe, but we do require that at least one person in your krewe is an Asheville Mardi Gras member. You can become a member by CLICKING HERE. Of course, we’d love it if all krewe members join, as the only way we survive and are able to host the parade each year is through membership support.

Thanks! Message sent. If you have at least one member in your krewe that's an AMG member, you are all set to march! If not, we'll be in touch.

Help Out!

We also ask that at least one person associated with your krewe volunteer to work the barriers at the parade. This gig basically consists of helping to set up the barriers that close the roads at the start of the parade, removing them when the parade is over, and manning them during the parade. We might also ask for your help with crowd flow. It’s a great gig for a teenager or anyone who wants to get involved in the parade but not necessarily march! You can sign up your volunteer here:

Thanks! Message sent.


Want to join an existing krewe?

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