It's not just once a year!

Check out these other Asheville Mardi Gras events that keep the Bon Temps rolling all year long!

Member Picnic &

Theme Reveal


A thank-you celebration for all our members during which the theme for the parade will be revealed!

12th Night

Friday, Jan 6 2023

Deep in the heart of winter, the Mardi Gras season lights a spark as it begins with the Twelfth Night Celebration.

Parade & Queen's Ball

Sunday, Feb 19 2023

The parade is our gift to the city, a zany, exuberant and irreverent downtown event in the dead of mid-winter.

Voodoo Like We Do


It's the event that will warp time itself! Come celebrate with Asheville Mardi Gras as we turn the clocks back and gain an extra hour to party down. 

Cajun Cookoff


Each year we pay tribute to the southern roots of Mardis Gras with a food and music fest in which Asheville chefs dish up their takes on Cajun cuisine.


Asehville Mardi Gras participates in and hosts other events throughout the year such as our pin-making parties, community parades, roadside clean ups and other charitable events.

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