Parade and Queen's Ball

Sunday, Feb 27
South Slope


TIME: 3:05 Step Off
LOCATION: South Slope
(See below for more details)

This parade is our gift to the city, a zany, exuberant and irreverent downtown event in the dead of winter.


We invite residents to get together with friends, neighbors, and coworkers to create high-quality, surprising and entertaining entries, add upbeat music, and strut their stuff tossing those ubiquitous beads to the crowd. Zaniness, political satire, and amazing displays of populist art appreciated!

We love and respect our community, and Asheville is not Bourbon Street. Alcohol and nudity are not part of our twist on Mardi Gras in the mountains. We are promoting a fun, safe event for all ages – with a definite emphasis on FUN!

All are welcome to march or cheer on the marchers this February! 


The Theme!

It's our 15th official parade and because 2021 had other plans for us, this year's theme is: The Great Comeback Carnival! March participants are welcome to riff on this theme or go in a completely different direction because, after all, we're all about individuality!

Members March!

While anyone is welcome to march in the parade, at least one representative of each krewe MUST be a member of Asheville Mardi Gras and must supply one parade volunteer. Keep in mind that the only way the parade survives is through membership support, so if more than one person joins up -- we would certainly appreciate it! To become a member, CLICK HERE. And, speaking of krewes ...

Join a Krewe!

You’re welcome to march solo, or with a group of your friends as part of a krewe. You may even be able to join one of our existing krewes! Click here to sign up. All we ask is that you dress up, show up and bring some goodies like candy or beads to hand out to the parade attendees.


Parade Route

Parade participants will line up along Federal Alley from between 1 PM and 2 PM on parade day. The parade will then step off at its traditional time of 3:05 PM and head east on Hilliard Ave before turning south on Coxe Ave. The parade will then continue east on Banks Ave, turn briefly south on Church St., then west on Buxton Ave. and back to Federal Alley to finish up.



Parking is permitted on city streets in areas not included in road-closure zones where normally allowed by the city. Additionally, free parking is available at McCormick Field, who has asked that no costuming or float decorating take place on the premises.

Ahseville Mardi Gras

Previous AMG Parade Themes:


2007 Any Way You Doux It

2008 (First Official Parade) Flash, Class, Or Trash

2009 Rags To Riches (Or Vice Versa)

2010 Wild At Heart

2011 Homegrown, Fancy, and Free

2012 Royal Wedding

2013 French Broads and Odd Fellows

2014 Where The Wild Things Are

2015 And Now For Something Completely Different

2016 Saints Vs Sinners

2017 X

2018 AsheVillage People

2019 Wild, Wild Asheville

2020 Superstition

Road Closures

Roads in the area will be closed at noon on parade day at the following points: Coxe between Hilliard and Buxton; Collier between Banks and Buxton and Federal Alley. Drivers going to private parking lots which they are permitted to use along with local business owners, floats and residents will be allowed into the parade route until the parade begins. No cars will be permitted to leave until after the parade concludes, around 5 PM. All cars should be removed from road closure zone before noon on the day of the parade, or else they will not be able to leave until the parade’s conclusion.

2019 route map.jpg

The Queen's Ball


Free. Fun. Fabulous!

This year's Queen's Ball will be held at South Slope's own Funkatorium!

The event is FREE to the public and a cash bar will be open for drinks. 

Check our Faceook Event Page

for full details.

Images in this gallery courtesy of James Destio Photography